Hello there, I’m Sjors Jacobs –
Designer & space enthusiast,
let’s explore!

Focussed on illustration, graphic design storytelling & graffiti.

Digital illustrations for the soul

One of my biggest passions is illustration! The physical craft of working with pencils, pens, ink and brushes fascinates me and working digitally complements the already endless creative possibilities. Illustration as a whole comes closest to my passion in graffiti painting.

Putting it all together

Graphic Design, this is an obvious follow-up to illustration in my opinion. Working with imagery, typography, color, space and other attributes to deliver a strong and convincing message.

Creating brand awareness

Advertising with printed media as well as with digital media each present their own unique challenges. Next to design, style and strategy think of targeting, lead generation, relevance, planning and campaign costs.

Designing for interaction

The way different audiences react to interactive media is never the same. Different symbols, menu styles, color indications and style elements shape how people think they should interact with something. Therefore in the process of interaction design usability is key. The challenge is to deliver strong designs that combine proven methods of navigation with new style elements and symbols. In short, make something new but recognisable..