• Astma inhaler prototyping & product design – In collaboration with Baltan – The Netherlands

For Baltan Netherlands I have designed a new prototype for an astma inhaler.I have made many design sketches and also printed 3D models for user testing. We developed new interaction methods for the inhaler to better communicate with its user. The target group was boys age 7-10 because we want to learn astma patients at a young age how to correctly use their medication. We have done research and found that 93 percent of the users of inhalers skipped some steps that are required for correct use of this product. There is even 60 percent that skips more than 3 of the 10 steps for correct use. By using light, audio, vibration and textures or shapes we created a new prototype that is more easy to handle and interesting to use for kids than conventional inhalers.

  • Interactive Installation – In collaboration with Theater Festival Boulevard – The Netherlands

For the annual Boulevard Theater Festival we have made an interactive installation in which you can control the vibration of a speaker that in turn bounces around different colors of paint. The speaker volume is controlled by moving an empty beer cup up and down the control shaft. When users are done playing around they can collect a slowmotion photo image of their paint movement. This installation also collects empty cups to recycle.