Graphic Design

  • Artistory Application – Graduation project in collaboration with Ontwerp van Morgen – Netherlands

Artistory is a proof of concept for an application that is ment to enhance museum and art experience. For this project I created the concept, did the research to back it up and after I started the functional as well as the graphic design. After multiple rounds of user testing using a working prototype I ended up with my final design which is explained and portrayed in the video presentation below. This project was executed in association with Avans University, Ontwerp van Morgen and Noord-Brabants Museum.

  • Mondo Flooring, Website / Brochures / Catalogi – In collaboration with G2Studio – China

Designs for Mondo, this is an Italian based company looking for a new webdesign to enter the Chinese market with. I also designed their Chinese oriënted line of brochures and catalogi (see graphic design) so that is where this design is based on. Finally I finished my internship before the website was completely designed and built that is why the final version is a mix of designs from me and my team at G2studio.

  • G2Studio Website – In collaboration with G2Studio – China

These images  show the webdesign for a temporary page for G2Studio, this is the Chinese company where I did my internship. Because of a new website being built they were in need of a simple design for one page just to inform the visitors about their activities and to link to their portfolio pdf.

  • The Economist Webcampaign – In collaboration with G2Studio – China

For the Chinese application of The Economist I made a storyboard to show the translation feature for articles. Also I designed banners and infomercials for their website. These banners contain famous chinese quotes that compare the modern world with the classic, that is also what the images refer to.